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It's amazing just how dirty mattresses become over time. Did you know?

  • An 8 year old mattress contains more than 4.5kg of dead skin cells
  • People produce over 100 litres of sweat whilst sleeping each year
  • Mattresses contain dead skin cells, mites and dust - 3 well known asthma irritants

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For Homes

Although many people vacuum their mattresses on a fairly regular basis, this only removes a fraction of the dirt, and doesn't touch stains. Also, many people aren't aware that bed bugs continue to be on the rise, and therefore a thorough clean of a mattress is even more paramount today in order to eliminate, and deter, those pesky bugs.

Mattress Cleaning Prices

For Businesses

Mattresses in hotels, student accommodation and nursing homes are soon ingrained with stains, bodily fluids, dead skin dells and dust. Maintenance and regular deep cleans keeps mattresses sanitary, prevents odours and removes stains. This prolongs the life cycle of the mattress and demonstrates commitment to both health and safety plus the comfort of your customers.

Commercial Mattress Cleaning

How we get results

Mattress Clean Before and After

With our mattress cleaning service we ensure a deep clean. Firstly we apply a pre-spray to begin to breakdown the stains and dirt within the fabric.

We then use a high pressure appliance which uses hot water and cleaning solution to penetrate the mattress to remove stains and deodourise. High powered suction then extracts the liquid back out of the mattress, ensuring drying time is kept to a minimum.

We flip your mattress and repeat the treatment. We also clean the sides, ensuring the whole mattress benefits from our cleaning process.

Additional Protective Treatment

We first apply a pre-spray before agitating it into the fabric fibres. We then use our specialist upholstery cleaning appliance to shoot hot water and cleaning solution into the mattress before immediately extracting the dirty water.

The final optional stage, we would recommend, is to apply a special protector spray to the mattress. This adds a protective barrier that ensures any bed bugs or dust mites that might want to prey on the mattress are killed or deterred.

Commercial Mattress Cleaning

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Our Prices

Our mattress cleaning prices start at £40 for the first mattress and £20 per additional mattresses. An additional protective layer can be applied for £20 per mattress. We believe this is a small price for a deep clean and peace of mind.

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