Post-Clean Stain Protection Service

Protection for your carpet and upholstery to help prevent stains absorbing deeper into the pile, providing protection against dirt or spills. This service makes cleaning easier and can prolong life by up to 50%.


Free Basic Stain Protection

We automatically apply a free carpet treatment before cleaning to help revive the colours whilst destroying bacteria and fungal spores. This also helps prevent musty odours from developing.

Additional Stain Protection

As an additional cleaning treatment, once we have cleaned your carpet we suggest you take advantage of our post clean stain protection service.

About the process

First we apply a clear, invisible spray to the surface which acts as a barrier, reducing the build up of stains, spills and dirt. The specialist solution does not affect the look or feel of the carpet or upholstery.

Stain protection makes it easier for you to clean marks and stains yourself, lengthening the time required between deep cleans. Not only that, the spray also kills and prevents bed bugs, dust mites and other pests such as moths.

To take advantage of our post-clean protection, either make a request when booking your clean or talk to us when we arrive. You can book a clean by requesting a quote below:

0781 374 5478

Stains we protect against

Red Wine






Grit and dirt

Tea and coffee

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    Why get additional stain protection?

    Your carpets and upholstery last longer

    Vacuuming becomes more effective

    Stains are easier to remove

    Helps prevent permanent stains

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