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At Moor Carpet Cleaning, we pride ourselves on being professional carpet cleaners who offer a service that delivers superior results every time.


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Fully Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Professional Carpet Cleaners "Deep Clean".
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Why get your carpets deep cleaned?

With modern cleaning appliances such as a Dyson, households have never been better armed with capable cleaning devices. However, over time the regular treading of dirt and the odd stain that results from a spill can make your carpets look worn, and tired.

That’s why our professional carpet cleaners will ensure that your carpet receives an expert deep clean. This ensures dirt, grime and stains are removed from the very base of the pile and all the way up to the surface of the carpet. We also offer a carpet stain removal service.

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The Latest and Best Equipment

With our technical expertise and the appliances we have, we are able to provide a range of cleaning services to domestic and residential customers.

We use the latest and best cleaning equipment which, combined with our expert knowledge, ensures you get a professional carpet clean everytime. Whether you have Axminster carpets, a treasured couch, or tired curtains, our years of expertise will bring them back to life.

Professional Stain Removal

We tackle every stain equipped with years of knowledge and the latest professional tools. Whether it’s carpet stained from regular footfall or an accidental spillage, we can revive and remove stains. For more information, visit our stain removal page

Where we Operate

We mainly operate in and around the Stockport area however please contact us for a quote on large cleaning jobs outside this area.

Special Requirements

We are constantly adding to our range of cleaning services, so if you have a specialist requirement that isn’t on this page, then feel free to give us a shout.

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    Our Prices

    Our carpet cleaning prices are on a cascading scale, meaning that the more rooms you have done, then the more you save.

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    How we clean your carpet

    We are professional carpet cleaners, therefore you can be assured we follow a stringent process ensuring the carpet cleaning is of the highest standard.

    1. Firstly we vacuum your carpet to remove the surface debris. We then pre-treat with a spray which penetrates the carpet fibres and starts to break down the dirt. We pay particular attention to soiled or stained areas, ensuring the right quantities of cleaning chemicals are used to eradicate the problem, whilst not harming the carpet.

    2. We then use a brush to agitate the entire area ensuring the treatment is administered across the whole space to be cleaned and fully absorbed into the pile of the carpet.

    3. We then fire up the big guns! – Using an Ashbys carpet cleaner we spray hot water with carefully measured cleaning solution into your carpet. Simultaneously the sheer suction power of the Ashbys ensures the liquid does not soak the carpet and instead the dirty water is removed to be disposed of. The sheer suction power means the carpet is fully dry* within 2 hours.

    *Factors such as temperature, and the thickness of the pile, can result in shorter or longer drying times.

    Post-Clean Carpet Protection Service

    We can treat your carpets with a protective layer to help prevent stains and odours from saturating your carpet as easily

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    Emergency Carpet Cleaning Service

    Need a stain removing or your carpets cleaning urgently? We offer an emergency call out service for those surprise stains or unwanted leaks

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